5. Periodicals and Databases

Journal Databases, Indexes and Portals [These are the resources you will be using to locate academic journal articles suitable for the research you will be doing while completing assignments.]
  1. Arts and Humanities Citation Index [As indicated in its title, this resource contains an index of Arts & Humanities jounrals.]
  2. JSTOR [A inter-discipline database that is of particular use to those studying within the Arts & Humanities containing a massive quantity of articles]
  3. Project Muse [Another vast repository of academic articles.]
  4. Historical Abstracts [Provides its users with a massive listing of History specific periodicals.]
  5. Scholars Portal [A general portal containing a massive quantity of information relevant to a variety of subject matters.]
Specific Academic Journals of Relevance:
  1. History and Memory [This journal focuses on the problem of understanding the National Socialist and Fascist epoch, its impact, and its representation. For academic audiences.]
  2. European History Quarterly [A quarterly peer reviewed journal that has earned an international reputation as an essential resource on European history.]
  3. German History [A German centric history periodical it focuses on articles related to the region in question.]
  4. Journal of Contemporary History [Journal of Contemporary History is an international forum for the analysis and discussion of 20th century history: the people, periods, places and critical issues.]
  5. German Studies Review [The journal publishes articles and book reviews in history, literature, culture studies, political science, as well as interdisciplinary topics relating to the German-speaking areas of Europe encompassing primarily, but not exclusively, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.]

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