CHST 603 - History of the Third Reich Course Resource Guide

Welcome to the Embedded Library, included within the following posts are the tools necessary  for completing CHST 603 History of the Third Reich. These include but are not limited to: encyclopedias, dictionaries, key periodical indices, the means to locate print material at the University of Toronto's library and resources that aim to aid you during the essay writing and citation process.

1. Introduction to the Class
2. Key Terms
3. How to Search the University of Toronto Catalog
4. Reference Materials
5. Periodicals and Databases
6. Multimedia and Primary Sources
7. Internet Sources on the Third Reich
8. Resources on Essay Writing
9. Chicago Manual Style Citation Guide

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions at, through Skype (EmbeddedLibrary), or follow us on twitter @EmbeddedLibrary. You can also leave an anonymous comment directly on this resource guide through the blogger comments system located at the bottom of each individual post.

This course guide was created for INF 1310: Introduction to Reference at the Faulty of Information, University of Toronto. 

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